Find Flexibiltiy in the MUS Sofa

As our lifestyles adapt and change, our living environments do too. Today we need more multi-tasking lounge rooms with flexible furniture solutions to suit our needs, like Ajar’s MUS sofa.

MUS is a modular sofa designed by Francesc Rifé for KOO International. Of clear Nordic inspiration, at the heart of the project is the wooden platform supporting the cushions. In symbolic terms, this pallet with a few sacks dropped on top is what gives the collection its identity.

Composed of various elements, including a chaise lounge and ottomanss, MUS can be combined with auxiliary elements such as coffee tables, side tables or accessories like handy magazine racks and planter pots filled with greenery. It is these elements that add something of a human and approachable quality to the collection.

The MUS sofa can also be used to divide spaces, both at home or at the office, providing a flexible sofa that will endure changes in circumstances over time.