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Elevating the Bathtub to the Level of Couture

Apaiser is the ultimate expression of Bath Couture – a design movement the brand is both known for, and defining in the global design market.

Specialising in beautifully handcrafted reclaimed marble stone bathware; Apaiser continues its bath couture design movement with the Zen and Chameleon bath and basin ranges.

“Bath couture is high end custom designed bathware, individually created with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced master craftsmen,” Apaiser say “Distinguished by the exclusive use of high quality, luxurious apaisermarble® enriched with the purity of Australian minerals. Expression knows no boundaries.”

The Zen range epitomises the pure expression of design that the Apaiser brand is known for, with simplicity of form without elaborate distortion. The Zen range offers a full suite of bathware design that invites one to focus on total togetherness of body and mind; Zen is a bathware range designed for reflection and relaxation, perfectly epitomising the brand’s bath couture aesthetic.

The Chameleon Collection, a collaborative range designed with Paul Flowers, embodies the essence of Apaiser – the perfect fusion of distinctive design & individualism – sleek and adaptable, like the chameleon. Driven by the desire to create a collection that’s bold, distinctive and individual, the Chameleon range harmoniously blends to its environment, yet reveals beauty upon inspection, with subtle features that catch the eye.

With the belief that in this world of mass production and sameness, many design lovers seek out the unique, unusual and extraordinary – the Bath Couture movement, led by Apaiser, allows us to express our individuality in the most personal and relaxing space of the home.