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Taking Cues From The Beloved Muse, Nature

Armadillo welcomes four new additions of Andes, Acacia, Winnow and Bramble to the Classic Collection.

For over a decade, Armadillo has dedicated themselves to creating beautifully designed, hand-crafted artisanal rugs. As a company that’s just as passionate about ethics as much as aesthetics, all Armadillo products are made with natural materials and sustainable processes. As a result, every rug is designed to lie lightly on the earth and stand the test of time, enhanced with a social responsibility that makes a remarkable difference.

The newest additions to Armadillo’s Classic Collection pays homage to the colours, patterns and surfaces of the natural world. As humans, we have an inherent affinity for nature – and during these busy, challenging times we often find ourselves yearning for time outdoors. These four refreshing new styles by Armadillo invite the characteristics of the outside into the home; restoring balancing into our lives and nurturing the soul with rare moments of quietude and exceptional design.

Andes takes us on a journey along sweeping landscapes on the contours of one of the world’s longest mountain ranges. Featuring hues of Charcoal, Parchment, Pumice and Rye, Andes harnesses the breathtaking personality of the range. Crafted with an asymmetric weave of sumptuous wool, Andes is specially hand-crafted to refresh the interior of any space within the home. Its easy, neutral and pared-back tones creates a calming space of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Embodying the vastness of aerial vistas is Acacia. Its elemental authenticity is transcendental, inviting you to escape the demands of your everyday routine. Acacia features the three distinct shades of Fawn, Galapagos and Sable – encompassing a certain subtlety that is made for a backdrop for any and every environment. Hand-knotted from wool and abrash-dyed jute, the rug’s tactility and attention to detail is prominent through its façade, displaying an old-world charm that awakens the senses with every step.

Inspired by the fluidity of nature and its enduring presence, Winnow brings a tangible charm to the Classic Collection. An elegant combination of subtle, earthy tones and a bold personality; Winnow is an extraordinarily intimate choice for the calm and collected residence. The colours of Alabaster and Granite are made from a cross-hatched flat weave in luxurious flecked wool, ultimately creating an artful statement piece. Intuitive and tactile, Winnow is designed to soothe the soul and energise the mind for the day ahead.

Bramble encapsulates the honest colours of the great outdoors. From the fiery red hues of the sand to the burnt orange tones of the rich soil, this earthy palette exudes sophistication and comfort. Bramble comes in its natural form with an intricate soumak weave in textured jute – a design that takes the nourishing energy of the natural world into the abode. Armadillo crafts a refined sensibility throughout Bramble: one that is designed to reimagine the way we live, work and play within our everyday spaces.

Each new addition to the Classic Collection is designed with a magical combination of softness, sophistication and comfort that is unique to the Armadillo name. This collection integrates nature within the confines of the home; allowing us to immerse ourselves in a unique experience that reconnects us with the beauty of the world around us.

Photography by Sharyn Cairns.
Styling by Claire Delmar.


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