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Residential bathroom trends for 2018

Concealed cisterns have long been the preferred choice in commercial spaces such as hotels, bars, airports and shopping centres for several reasons. The benefits are increasingly being realised in residential projects across the country…

Space saving

The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in any homes, and yet it is generally also the smallest. If you’re short on space or perhaps looking to give your bathroom a sleek, minimalist kind of feel, then a concealed toilet cistern is a design choice worth considering. Geberit concealed cisterns can fit in standard 80mm walls, under counter, in vanity or in the ceiling.

 Stylish, minimalistic look

Working in partnership with the world’s leading designers, Geberit’s range of stylish button designs and finishes ensure there is a  high quality design option for all contemporary bathroom styles. Geberit buttons combine intelligent function with convenience, ensuring a heightened sense of freshness and cleanliness in the bathroom.

  • Touchless toilet flush
  • Surface-even button finish
  • Remote flush actuations to be placed anywhere, affording you maximum flexibility


Easy to clean, easy to maintain

All of the plumbing that is associated with the toilet is hidden as well. This is ideal if you don’t like the appearance of a standard toilet or if you don’t have a lot of space in your bathroom. Also, with the ability to clean around all sides of the toilet pan, concealed cisterns are a more hygienic choice than standard toilets.

There’s a perception that concealed cisterns will be more difficult to access and service than normal cisterns (particularly because they’re embedded inside the wall) – although this concern’s mostly unfounded if you’re opting for a reputable brand. In most cases, these cisterns are designed with ease of servicing very much in mind, and a licensed plumber can typically service a concealed cistern within 5-7 minutes.

Long-lasting quality

Designed in Switzerland and made in Germany, Geberit’s cistern range comes with an extended 10-year warranty, and 25-year spare part supply availability guarantee, promising peace of mind for your home. Geberit also provides technical support to architects for easing the specification process, as well as ongoing project support to ensure simple and successful installation.


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