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Give old surfaces a fresh look with Belbien Wall Vinyl

Give old surfaces a fresh look with Belbien Wall Vinyl

Give old surfaces a fresh look with Belbien Wall Vinyl

By applying Belbien onsite to existing surfaces, you can achieve upscale looks while avoiding major overhaul costs and significantly minimising the impact on landfills.

In today’s market, with international supply shortages, trade shortages and the need to keep projects as cost-effective as possible, overhauling the look of your home space can be challenging.  On-trend finishes come at a high cost, especially if they are liable to go out of style sooner rather than later. The environmental impact of home renovations in the form of building waste, demolition waste and the use of new, virgin materials should also not be underestimated.

How can you achieve the look and feel of warm woodgrains, chic metals, and elegant marble at a fraction of the economic or environmental cost? Belbien wall vinyl, distributed by Polyflor Australia, offers an exciting solution that lets you recreate almost any surface to resemble other natural or synthetic finishes, transforming interior and exterior spaces with a fresh, upscale look.

Polyflor Belbien Wall Vinyl

Benefits of Belbien

Belbien wall vinyl is an architectural film made from PVC and other synthetic engineering plastics that is easily applied to smooth curved or flat surfaces – both indoors and outdoors –  including metal, HPL (high pressure laminate), glass, PVC, melamine, Sintra, and many more.  Belbien can also be used on porous surfaces if they are well sealed prior to applying the architectural film.

Offering a solution for every project, the range maintains over 83 Belbien patterns, simulating timber, metallics, leathers, whiteboard, abstract and linen. Belbien also provides the ability for customers to match their existing surfaces with custom patterns and colours.

Polyflor Belbien Wall Vinyl

Featuring an air-release pressure-activated adhesive backing that eliminates the need for curing, Belbien wall vinyl allows you to modernise a space with very little downtime or area disruption. It can be applied to many 2D surfaces, from metal elevator doors to high-pressure laminate countertops, and its superior flexibility allows for it to be smoothed over angled surfaces without the need for special equipment or cutting. Many Belbien patterns also offer the flexibility to achieve a seamless finish over curved surfaces.

Make your renovations green

Belbien wall vinyl is a sustainable design solution that avoids major remodelling and renovation costs. By letting you refresh existing surfaces rather than discarding them, it lets you keep existing substrates out of landfill thus reducing pollution, emissions and waste.

Polyflor Belbien Wall Vinyl

Further enhancing its sustainability credentials, Belbien wall vinyl possesses a proven track record of durability. With 8.3 mil thick PVC Belbien has a Group 2 fire rating for use in Australia, making it the perfect solution for most areas in Commercial Buildings. Due to its superior water resistance, it can be used in bathroom and exterior applications where other common types of wallpaper or wall covering cloth cannot be used. Belbien products are also fire and smoke rated, making these vinyl films the perfect solution in public areas.

Inevitably, spaces may start to feel outdated or worn out, or the owner’s preferences may simply change over time. Belbien’s finishes can be easily updated in line with changing tastes at minimal cost or inconvenience, without needing to replace the existing substrate. Belbien wall vinyl is available from Polyflor Australia and comes with a 5-year warranty.  For more information about this versatile architectural finish, visit the Polyflor Australia website here.



Polyflor Belbien Wall Vinyl