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The Design And Magic Of The Beosound Edge

The Design And Magic Of The Beosound Edge

Unveiled at Milan Design Week 2019 as part of a new Bronze Collection, the Beosound Edge is the first collaboration between designer Michael Anastassiades and Bang & Olufsen.

Impossible to ignore, the mesmerising Beosound Edge is the result of the keen eyed design expertise of Anastassiades and the renowned engineering and style of Danish luxury audio-visual company Bang & Olufsen.

Resting on the floor of Anastassiades’ design studio, the designer explained how the black fabric surface of the Beosound Edge almost draws you in, in an illusion created by minimising the space between the two surfaces and using a matte fabric to contrast the reflective shine of the aluminium ring.

“It looks quite surreal because of the sudden depth change,” says Anastassiades while inspecting his work. “A gap between the two materials would have allowed a tolerance to exist. But here, there is no tolerance, no in-between space, which is amazing.”

Adjusting the volume is as magical as the listening experience itself. Simply roll the speaker forwards or backwards to turn the music up or down. Once you let go, it automatically rolls back to its starting position. As part of the Bang & Olufsen Multiroom family – a growing collection of wireless speaker systems designed to play together across your living space – the whole experience is seamless.

“Beosound Edge is a monolithic object without any controls or visual disturbance. The controls light up when you use them – when you don’t, there’s really nothing to see. And to me that’s magic,” says Anastassiades.

According to the designer, the action of constantly removing details is far more daring than adding them. Seeing a product with lots of bells and whistles creates a powerful initial impact. But once that novelty wears off, there’s nothing left. Instead, his intention with the Beosound Edge was to create a timeless object that continues to spark your imagination.

“What you do, is that you constantly distil the idea. You remove layers upon layers, and what you manage to retain, is pure. It’s about mastering something to a level, where you say: This is it! – And then having the confidence to carry it out.”

“You have to respect its calmness and balance. It’s perfectly balanced on its edge. That, for me, is magic. That is something that is irreplaceable.”

Beosound Edge is part of the Bang & Olufsen Multiroom family – a growing collection of wireless speaker systems, designed to play seamlessly together across your living space.

The speaker is available now in Silver, Bronze and Brass tone thanks to Premium Sound