The World’s Strongest (and now unloseable) Umbrella

The World’s Strongest (and now unloseable) Umbrella

New Zealand is a famously beautiful and blustery place so it’s little wonder that it’s here that the umbrella that claims to be the world’s strongest was invented.

The brainchild of Kiwi design engineer Greig Brebner, BLUNT umbrellas lay claim to be the only brolly with a fully-tensioned canopy (so it won’t turn inside out in the bitter winds that blow off the Atlantic and the Tasman).

The Wall Street Journal has said the BLUNT has a “structure that falls between a suspension bridge and a NASA space probe” and Wired maintains it’s an umbrella with “architectural integrity as unbroken as the dome of St Peter’s”.

In 2014 BLUNT umbrellas won an iF Product Design award and a Red Dot Design Award at the International Design Awards in Germany.

In a more recent innovation the company has developed a partnership with the global “lost and found” company Tile to create an umbrella that can be tracked when misplaced.

Each BLUNT + Tile umbrella contains a ‘Tile’ in a specially-designed lining pocket, which can be tracked using the Tile App for iPhone and Android.

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