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Bolon Green from Head to Toe

Bolon Green | Habitus Living

Since 1949 Bolon has been at the forefront of environmental sustainability in design with the pioneering evolution of Bolon Green.

With the onset of climate change and rapid environmental metamorphosis, the way we live, work, and play has a vast impact in influencing our natural world. In order to limit our environmental footprint, it is vital that we do the most to incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices into our daily lives, whether this be from adapting how we eat to how we create the spaces we live in. Swedish company Bolon has a drive for eco-friendly innovation embedded in its DNA, and the Bolon Green is the newest frontier in these developments.

Bolon Green | Habitus Living

Founded by Nils Erik-Eklund in 1949, Eklund refined manufacturing techniques that enabled the transformation of textile waste into rag rugs. Since then, Bolon has developed comprehensive vinyl flooring collections with the company passing through the hands of two more generations of the Eklund family. Now run by Eklund’s granddaughters Annica and Marie, Bolon has turned its eye to fusing its conservative and traditional flooring branch with the innovative creativity in the world of fashion.

Bolon Green | Habitus Living

Conscious of Bolon’s roots, Annica and Marie have crystallised Bolon’s eco-friendly ethos with Bolon Green. For the Eklunds’, environmental consciousness should begin from long before the flooring is produced and continue to long after the flooring has fulfilled its intended purpose. Aiming to create flooring that is climate neutral with no environmental footprint, the seven key principles that drive Bolon Green are a focus on:

  1. Recycling of products
  2. Removing the use of dangerous substances
  3. Exceeding legislation and industry standards
  4. Anticipating future legislation
  5. Purchasing practices
  6. Production using renewable energy
  7. Energy recovery from the floor after use


Bolon Green | Habitus Living

Since 2015, all of Bolon’s offerings have been 100% phthalate free, making it safe for contact with food and children. In addition to this, Bolon develops its own yarns specifically from suppliers that have a minimal environmental impact and are within a mere 250km radius around their Västergötland home. In Australia, Bolon has recently been awarded certification under the Best Practice PVC guidelines set out by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). With such a dedicated pedigree in environmental innovation, Bolon allows us to be truly green in all walks of life.


Words by Christina Rae

Bolon Green | Habitus Living

Bolon Green | Habitus Living

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