Brilliant! by CAI Light at SDM 2012

With a focus on creating prismatic crystalline faces and volumes that trap and amplify light reflections, CAI Light’s latest collection continues the company’s tradition of bold, forward-thinking design.

Acclaimed design trio Christophe Hascoet, Annabel Karim Kassar and Isabelle Rolland Will showcase the latest collections at the Milan Museum for New Design during the Salone del Mobile design fair. 

Le Diamant Jalila

An imposing, one metre across and 30cm thick cristalline structure with 400 cut faces, La Diamant Jalila is designed to trap light and redistribute it through a myriad of reflections, adding textured illumination to a space.



A mobile, cordless, LED lamp made from crystal. ‘Cristal’ is rechargeable and comes equipped with an independent charging base.



An Aluminium lamp characterized by a sophisticated, perforated pattern, the concept behind Furtive was to create surfaces and volumes with broken lines to scatter and soften light.