Ceramica by Mutina

Mutina Masters the Art of Subtlety with Ceramica

Ceramica by Mutina bring texture and warmth in a neutral palette. Handmade in Italy, Ceramica tiles are extruded, making each piece completely unique. Tones, shapes and textures are layed in a subtle colour scheme. The high gloss finish picks up on light and movement.

“We are seeing a move away from the sleek plain contemporary style into more textured natural finishes,” says Sarah Bird from Tile Boutique. “There is also a move toward smaller size formats to create interest and texture with a neutral palette.”

Ceramica tiles achieve a sophisticated look by alternating between flat and curved slabs, creating a dramatic feature of bouncing light.  Available in nine neutral and earthy shades: Bianco, Nero, Avorio, Grigio Chiaro, Grigio Scuro, Beige, Ecru, and Marrone.

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