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Cobar Rangehood from Condari

The Cobar Rangehood (WCV) is a newly released, high power model from Qasair Rangehoods.

The Cobar Rangehood was designed with the high-powered Wolf gas cooker in mind. The Cobar is much larger in depth than the standard concealed rangehood giving it the greater coverage that is required for the heat, smoke and steam generated by the mighty cooker.  

Available in 1000mm wide with twin motors and 1300mm, 1600mm and 1800mm with triple motors, the Cobar draws a phenomenal amount of air with the triple motor rangehood moving up to 2700 cubic meters of air per hour. 

The Cobar is extremely quiet in operation – the interior of the rangehood is packed with fibre-glass matting which acts as an effective insulator against noise.  It is also suitable for use over other powerful cookers in the same category as the Wolf such as the Capital and Viking cookers.  

The Cobar, like all other Qasair Rangehoods is wholly owned and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.