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A Collection That Captures The Romance Of The Australian Landscape

A Collection That Captures The Romance Of The Australian Landscape

Inspired by the colours and warmth of the Australian land, Laminex presents the new Landscape Series.

From the green tones of native coastal scrub to the unrefined timbers of the countryside, Laminex delivers a new range of surfaces that re-connect us with the environment. The Landscape Series takes us on a journey from one end of the country to the other in a collection that celebrates the soul of the natural world.

As one of Australia’s leading surface manufacturers, Laminex has delivered superior surfacing products that combine extraordinary design and innovative engineering for over eight decades. By constantly pushing the boundaries, this collection reflects the vastness of the Australian land with robust and durable materiality for which Laminex is renowned.

“Laminex surfaces boast a high degree of durability befitting high traffic, functional zones such as kitchens, bathrooms, robes, laundries and studies,” says Sacha Leagh-Murray, General Manger of Laminex. “These are all essential spaces that we engage with daily, so it’s crucial that they not only meet practical requirements and withstand wear and tear, but also offer visual and textural interest.”

Featuring earthy hues of the woodgrains and inspired by the jewelled tones of the coastlines, the Landscape Series includes an extensive range that’s crafted into a strong, resilient laminate that balances comfort, style and function all in one.

Laminex pays tribute to the abundant bushland with the Spinifex, Seed and Possum range. Inspired by the diverse Australian flora and fauna, this organic palette celebrates our connection to the outdoors in a restorative and calm theme of colours. Laminex invites the outdoors in with muted, grey-based undertones that are perfectly subtle to suit any occasion and aesthetic. The delicate hues can be combined to complement each other beautifully, or selected individually to bring a restful and refreshed tone to your space.

Reminiscent of the stillness of the water by the Australian coastline, the Surf, Aquamarine and Teakwood transport you to a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Inspired by the sea and the weathered timber decks, the textured and sun-kissed teakwood offers tactility and warmth to any space. Combined with the freshness of Aquamarine and Surf, this vibrant and energetic palette brings to mind the times spent at the shore with the sound of the crashing waves.

The Outback range pays homage to the generation of storytellers of this land. The hues of Natural Walnut, Classic Oak and Fox Teakwood takes the form of the picturesque bushland that echoes the material tactility of timeworn timber and the bountiful trees across the remote plains. It offers a palette of overlayed warm tones fused with grainy neutrals, to bring a sense of comfort that welcomes you into the space. Wondrous and ancient, the bushland colour story brings a strong character with a distinct sense of place that is unique to the Landscape Series.

Laminex delivers a colour range that celebrates the beauty of the cooler, grey-hued winter months. Inspired by the cold, crisp tones of the mid-year season, Winter Sky, Lava Grey and Natural Walnut is a captivating contrast of colours that echo the tonality of unsettled waters along the rocky shorelines. Influenced by the image of heavy clouds blanketing over the land and a stillness in the atmosphere; the movement of silt, sand and driftwood swim through the shallow waters by the cliffs, revealing hues of deep browns and greys – a coastal cool palette that brings us closer to nature and its transcendental characteristics. The Winter-inspired collection is a dramatic and sophisticated colour base that provides the perfect backdrop to the lightness of the other colour Landscape ranges.

As a brand that is dedicated to delivering inspiring products, Laminex’s Landscape Series delves deep beneath the surface and explores the romance of our relationship with nature and the land that we live in. The Landscape Series captures the bold, charming spirit of the Australian continent and its rich tapestry of native tones and textures. Here, Laminex invites you to breathe in the Australian landscape and experience the outdoors through an extraordinary and timeless collection.


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