Versatile Beauty

From the kitchen and bathroom, to the front door, fireplace and even in the yoga room, this home by Wolf Architects and Penny del Castillo of In Design International shows myriad applications for a unique product.

Not wanting to compromise on performance or practical qualities, particularly in the kitchen, this home in Toorak has been designed for an entrepreneur and offers a streamlined result.

Designed by Wolf Architects and In Design International, the brief from the client was for a kitchen that felt inviting and could facilitate the unfolding of family life. For the design team it was critical to deliver an outcome with the highest quality performance and Cosentino was the perfect match.

The kitchen in Toorak House is streamlined and contemporary, effortlessly combining beautiful design with ease of operations. Cosentino’s surface range sits perfectly at the intersection of both, with Dekton® being indestructible, beautiful and timeless.

The heat, scratch and stain-resistant surfaces alleviate the stress of daily life. Fruit and vegetables can be cut right on the surface. If a dish is hot, it can also be placed on the benchtop without the stress that it will cause damage. If red wine is left on the counter, it won’t stain. It’s Dekton®’s practical qualities that match the surfaces’ innate beauty.

In the Toorak House kitchen, Dekton®’s exquisite texture fits in beautifully with a selection of low-maintenance, natural and earthy finishes like stone, marble, brick and timber.  The careful curation of materials results in a contemporary yet inviting and warm meeting place. With lush greenery peeking through the sizable kitchen window, it’s no surprise the busy owner sees it as an oasis. Cosentino’s Dekton® delivers precisely that – beautifully inviting, desirably uncomplicated and long-lasting interiors that make life just that little bit more seamless.

Throughout the rest of the home, Dekton® has been applied for exactly the same reasons, bringing a refined elegance to the fireplace, bathrooms and even a yoga room!