A Complete Garage Overhaul With Covet

Thida Sachathep

For a family with children nearing driving age, Covet’s transformation of a residential garage results in a unique and breathtaking space.

Who would have ever thought that the word breathtaking and garage would be used in the same sentence? Normally considered as a typical utilitarian space with little thought given to interior aesthetics, it is no surprise that this softly illuminated garage stands starkly from the rest. The underground five-car garage space in Sydney not only resembles a luxury car showroom but also looks as though it can be nicknamed ‘the Batcave.’

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Designed by Kenstrom Architects and brought to fruition by Beebo Constructions, the garage features Covet’s Ever Art Wood battens and concrete terrazzo overlay. Lined with the Kabebari Battens from Covet’s Ever Art Wood collection and backlit to create a soft and welcoming space, “it’s a shame that the garage is underground and away from public view,” says Anthony Scott, Covet’s director.

Specifically, the Ever Art Wood Battens are aluminium with photorealistic film applied to suit the underground environment. An appropriate solution to prevent mould from growing as there is a lack of natural light, the aluminium battens are also maintenance-free, fire-rated and lightweight and have been designed to directly be fixed onto structures with hidden screws. With a photorealistic timber finish, the exterior-grade Covet batten exudes a similar feel to real timber.

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Replacing large format tiles traditionally present in garages, Covet concrete overlay enabled Beebo Constructions to achieve a join-free floor surface. From the way that it has been hand trowelled and finished with a low sheen, the bespoke and hand-poured Terrazzo Overlay has remarkable strength and posed as an ideal solution for a garage application.

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Setting new benchmarks across the architecture and design industry, the space is curved with walls, hidden doors and is an exemplary result of designing with great attention to detail. Showcasing technical advancements of Covet’s products, the garage proves how Covet’s products can provide new opportunities for architects and designers alike.


Photography from Pablo Veiga, courtesy of Kenstrom Architects – Produced by The Local Project

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