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Waste not want not with this limited-edition eco-bin

Waste not want not with this limited-edition eco-bin

The Vipp Bin became a global design icon as the world’s first pedal bin design. Now reimagined from recycled waste materials, this limited-edition version takes rubbish collection to a whole new level.

The Vipp team of engineers were after a challenge: to radically redefine the pedal bin production by exchanging some of the raw materials for their own production waste. Typically made from steel, the original Vipp Pedal Bin was designed in 1939 by Holger Nielson in Randers, Denmark.

Now, the limited edition Vipp ‘Rubbish” Bin swaps 3.7kg of steel for recycled plastic and sawdust – waste which would otherwise end up in a trash burning facility. Recycling the wood excess means that the carbon dioxide is kept locked within the product rather than making its way into our atmosphere.

Cult - Vipp ‘Rubbish Bin’

The plastic and sawdust waste is sourced from the company’s own production line and used to form a concrete-like paste, ensuring that the bin is durable and fit for use. This new Vipp signature recycled fibre material shapes the body of the bin. Filled with a combination of visible wood fibres, marbled plastic and various nuances, each moulded bin has a completely unique appearance.

The Vipp collection is exclusively available through Cult in both Australia and New Zealand. Cult is one of Australia’s leading suppliers in premium furniture, lighting and objects – offering the best of the best from iconic brands both across the globe and right at home. You can find the Vipp ‘Rubbish’ Bin on show now at Cult showrooms, or order it online here.

Cult - Vipp ‘Rubbish Bin’
Cult - Vipp ‘Rubbish Bin’


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