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Designing drainage: The pivotal role of onsite measurements

Designing drainage: The pivotal role of onsite measurements

Designing drainage: The pivotal role of onsite measurements

Capturing the correct dimensions is the cornerstone of a successful drainage project, and gives architects, designers and specifiers a better opportunity to complete the project on time, on budget – and in line with their unique vision.

Whether it is a straight-forward project or a more complex development, a precise, timely and effective measurement process is the foundation of every successful drainage undertaking. Recognising the pivotal role of onsite measurements, Stormtech – Australia’s most prominent specialised drainage business – puts this important process at the heart of their operations.

Renowned for beautifully designed and technologically advanced drains, Stormtech onsite measure services are designed to capture the exact drainage requirements of the project, focusing on shower, balcony, and threshold areas. While an involved five-stage process, Stormtech’s onsite measure services are provided entirely free of charge. Below we break down each stage in detail.

Stage 1: Understanding the Project Requirements

To assess the drainage requirement, the Stormtech team will commence by ascertaining specific details that would inform the measurement process. For shower and balcony areas, Stormtech will seek to understand how the grate will be used and its installation location, determine the depth and width of the rebate where the drain will be installed, the location of the waste and if it will fit within the drain, and the thickness of the tiles.  When it comes to thresholds, Stormtech will determine the type and dimensions of doors that are being installed, whether it is sill and sill sub or sill only and request a sample or drawing of the door sill if available.

In both scenarios, Stormtech will also establish what style of grate is preferred for the project.

Stage 2: Prior to Arrival

During the preparation stage, Stormtech will collect as much information about the building as possible in advance to give clients a good idea of the size and complexity of the drainage requirement. The team will also work to understand the purpose of the onsite measure, along with the level of detail required.

Stage 3: Arriving at the Property

Once the prep work has been completed, Stormtech will connect with the property owner or Site Manager to gain a solid understanding of the site and organise a site visit. The team will peruse the property and conduct any measurements to gauge the scale of the full drainage requirement, allowing Stormtech to form a plan, assess if any rooms are inaccessible, and decide on which floor to start on.

Stage 4: Safe, Streamlined and Exact Onsite Measurements

The Stormtech team will arrive at the site fully prepared with the right equipment. A laser distance measurer is used to provide reliable and accurate measurements for features, even if they are far away. Equally as important is a camera, which is used to take high quality photos and videos to be used alongside the measurement notes and are instrumental to outputting correct and realistic drawings.

Stage 5: Now, Onto the Drawing Board

With the onsite visit completed, Stormtech will plan the drainage requirements out, and prepare the sketch of the property. Once completed, the sketch is passed to Stormtech’s customer service team, who puts the requirements into the customised inhouse system that generates detailed drawings of all the products required for the project and a quote. After confirmation from the customer, the system will then generate a job run sheet for Stormtech’s manufacturing team.

The onsite measure process offers unquestionable benefits to owners, architects, designers, and specifiers alike. Reach out to one of Stormtech’s customer service representatives to arrange an onsite measurement for your upcoming project.