Dinosaur Designs Embraces Nature With The Wildflower Collection

Andrew McDonald

The beauty of nature has always been calming and fruitful source of inspiration for design, and with Wildflower, Dinosaur Designs channels it into true beauty.

Looking back on an unprecedented year of uncertainty and anxiety, Dinosaur Designs looked to the wild beauty of nature as the source for Wildflower, a collection meant to calm us, create positivity, and offer us the inspiration we need to close out 2020.

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The new Wildflower collection from Dinosaur Designs sees an exploration of the shapes and colours of an untamed garden, channelled into a range that expressed joy and wonder. Wildflower is characterised by soft organic forms and a striking vivid botanical-inspired palette.

Lush, saturated colours such as Lemon, Leaf, Sandalwood, Cobalt and Peach are married with the classic Dinosaur Designs flourishes of Guava, Melon Swirl and Snow White Swirl. The resulting colour profile makes a beautiful, striking statement that serves the physical designs elegantly.

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“We hope after a challenging year that these colours lift, inspire and give people hope,” says Dinosaur Designs Creative Director Louise Olsen, “This Wildflower collection evokes that sense of taking a moment to explore the beauty and wildness in nature, and of losing yourself a little.”

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The jewellery within the Wildflower collection features earthy new statement pieces such as Flat Rock Hoop, Oval Pebble and Rock Chain earrings, alongside more classically sculptural items such as the Rock Pendant and Wave Pendant on chain.

Alongside the jewellery items is also a collection of homewares that would serve as stunning statement pieces in any contemporary home. With the sculptural forms of nature as the inspiration, the Wildflower Seed bowls mimic the soft uneven contours of seed pods, while the Branch vase range expressing a pleasing symmetry that’s as functional as it is striking. Likewise the collection’s range of platters, plates and servers, which would serve as the ideal backdrop to fruit, meals, or simply as visual statement pieces in a kitchen.

Wildflower is currently available in all Dinosaur Designs’ Sydney, Brisbane, London stores, as well as through their online store.

Wildflower photographed by Bart Celestino

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