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Dream Is A Story Of Passion, Identity And Harmony

Dream by Robyn Caughlan is a contemporary Aboriginal print collection, celebrating multiculturalism and the art of storytelling.

The power of art lies in its ability to communicate complex concepts, experiences and emotions in ways that words cannot. Artist, Robyn Caughlan believes that artists are the keepers of history; the storytellers of how things have come to be. In her new collection, Dream, Robyn explores the different paths we all encounter, the opportunities every individual is faced with and the ways in which we heal and unite as one.

In collaboration with renowned textiles and wall covering brand, Materialised, Dream features four artworks, re-imagined in 21 captivating colourways. Exploring Robyn’s archive of original paintings and drawings, Materialised was immersed in a world of enchanting lines, textures, forms and colours, inspiring the new collection.

“It was fundamental to ensure the four artworks showcased Robyn’s handwriting and were kept true to her storytelling,” notes Materialised textile designer, Chloe Evans. “From the moment of scanning in Robyn’s artwork and developing them into repeatable designs, it was instinctual that they were made for textiles and wall covering.”

Each piece in the Dream collection is built upon the artist’s past experiences of family, culture, loss and discovery.

“I am Robyn Caughlan from the Darug and Darkinjung lineage and I am proud of it. Finding out I am of Aboriginal descent was a major turning point in my life,” Robyn adds.

“My art filled a void in me that I never thought would be. I lost my father at five, and three months later I was sent on a two-week holiday, never to return. I lost a mother, sister and four brothers, which added to my loss of identity, leaving a chasm that took many years to heal. At the age of 30 I discovered art, which became a passion of mine and honestly saved my life. It is an expression of oneself.”

Dream by Robyn Caughlan exemplifies the beauty that can come from expressions of both the light and the dark in our lives. This reimaging of Robyn’s original art realises the dimensionality she created in her pieces, while respecting the emotion and story behind her artistry.

The full collection is available nation-wide from Materialised.


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