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Eleganza adds a touch of Elegance to the Bathroom

Eleganza adds a touch of Elegance to the Bathroom

The Eleganza range has been designed to add a touch of elegance to the bathroom space, making life easier and more beautiful.

Everyone has an idea of what elegance should be, how it manifests itself and what symbols represent it. Elegance is embodied in a personality trait: one attitude that is perceived through charming gestures and manners, a perfect harmony with the context. It transpires in the clothing, accessories, jewellery and fragrances that we wear, the cars we drive and the homes that we inhabit.

The elegant objects, furnishings and designs with which we surround ourselves say something about us and embody the essential need for beauty and style that we express throughout our daily lives.

Gessi has embraced this aspiration by creating Eleganza, a refined total look collection for the bathroom inspired by the pursuit of tangible design to shape the intangible concept of elegance. The collection underpins the idea that elegance should shape a unique, enduring and tangible habitat that can be privately enjoyed on a daily basis.

The Eleganza range includes faucet, bath and shower designs, along with washbasin, mirror and toilet options, and a range of accessories.