Factor Design

Constructed from Bamboo Plywood, Factor Design’s latest collection maintains the brand’s distinctive geometric aesthetic and playful use of colour.

The use of sustainable, renewable Bamboo Plywood as the main material for Factor Design’s new range of furniture demonstrates designer Ian Factor’s sensibility to eco-friendly design and eagerness to explore new materials. The slightly retro mood of the pieces is well-suited to the rich wooden finish of the material, showcasing the bespoke, hand-crafted attention to detail Factor Design prides itself on.

“Each piece I design has to engage me emotionally” states Factor, “I have to look at it and feel happy that it exists. My creations need to have a calming effect; from simple, elegant proportions, lack of superfluous detail to a bright splash of colour. Just as important, each of my designs have to be crafted from ethically sourced and sustainable materials.”

Each Factor Design piece is made to order, for further information visit their website