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The Elegant Affluence In Flexform’s Sofa’s

Flexform Sofa Elegance

As an Italian born furniture company, Flexform ensures there is a sense of timeless elegance in all its products – especially its entire sofa range.

Founded in the furniture-manufacturing district of Northern Italy in the 1960s, Flexform was born out of a decade-long family tradition. Renowned for its high quality furniture designs and production, it has since garnered a reputation for combining craftsmanship, tradition, modern design and technology, forming a sense of timeless elegance that is consistent throughout all of its collections.

Offering an extensive assortment of sofas, the brand has also expanded to products for the dining and bedroom. The following projects that have featured Flexform sofas draw attention to how the products have been perceived, its expansive compatibility and flexibility.


Mexico City, Mexico

Flexform Sofa Elegance

Cestone Sofa, Mexico City. Courtesy of Archetonic. Photography by Rafael Gamo.

Designed by Jaime Micha Balas + Jacob Micha Mizrahi Studio, this residence in Mexico City is inspired by nature and blends with the surrounding landscape. Apart from a systematic floor plan that fosters an abundance of natural light, the home is also punctuated by luxurious monolithic marble cladding to the walls. Alternating with the marble walls are wood panels that accentuate a contemporary feel.

Flexform’s Cestone Sofa is placed in the centre of the living room, displaying a feature that is often overlooked. Designed by one of Flexform’s long-standing designers, Antonio Citterio, the Cestone Sofa comprises upholstered woven checkerboard pattern in cowhide on the back and the sides. With this addition, the sofa adds an elevated layer of sophistication into the living room – contrasting slightly with the soft, upholstered front. Also available to be paired with the Cestone sofas are its eponymous coffee tables, available with a Canaletto to walnut or ash colour, it texturally complements the warmth of the cowhide.


Seville, Spain

Flexform Sofa Elegance

Groundpiece Sofa, Seville. Photography by Fernando Alda.

Intimate and warm with contrasts between dark and light materials, this residence in Seville has been designed by Francesc Rifé Studio to be an elegant, yet simple space. Located on the top floor of a historical building, the brief for the home revolved around achieving a more open space with natural light.

Accompanying Calacatta marble and bleached pinewood, evident throughout the living room, are the Groundpiece Sofa and Happy Chaise Lounge from Flexform. Designed in 2001 by Antonio Citterio, Groundpiece revolutionised the form of sectional sofas. Realising early on that people were using sofas for different reasons; resting, reading, or watching television, Antonio ensured that the sofa was low and deep to cater for its multi-functional aspect.

Facing the fireplace and the views of the Guadalquivir River in Seville, the Groundpiece Sofa in the living room is paired with a minimalistic and dark bookshelf instead of an armrest. Moreover, the amply sized goose-down cushions merely emphasise the sofa’s guaranteed level of comfort.


Mallorca, Spain

Flexform Sofa Elegance

Soft Dream Sofa, Mallorca.

Located in Mallorca, one of Spain’s Islands in the Mediterranean, this home surrounds an inner courtyard with an olive tree. Spanish-based design studio, Terraza Balear, was tasked with the responsibility of designing the residence in a way that celebrates its location while being elegant.

Following a distinctive Mediterranean material palette but differing from stones typical in the region that is earthy with an orange undertone, the home features multiple dry stone feature walls. Using these stones to inform the rest of the interior palette, furniture and textures also remain light. Specifically, the Soft Dream Sofa upholstered in a beige fabric was chosen in two corner compositions within the living room. A metal base – available in seven different finishes – makes the sofa’s silhouette seem as though it is rising off the floor, harmonising with the sophisticated design of the interior.


Ikema Island, Japan

Flexform Sofa Elegance

Lifesteel Sectional Sofa, Ikema Island.

Situated on the edge of a cliff in Ikema Island, Japan, this residence exudes a sense of a meditative retreat from entry. With the goal of maximising views of the East China Sea, New York and Frankfurt-based architects, 1100 Architects, designed this holiday home by blending contemporary and traditional Japanese elements in a modern way.

Following that, the interior was furnished in a way to ensure that attention was focused on the views and the surrounding landscape. To complement the exposed concrete, which contrasts with the rich timber, the palette remains simple. In the same manner, the Lifesteel Sectional Sofa is raised off the ground with generous and inviting proportions, making it a light addition to the living room. Voluminous armrests convey a graceful form, while the cowhide-upholstered frame marries the furnishing with its interior. The minimal base is available in satin, chrome, burnished, black chrome or champagne finishes to allow for multiple configurations and functions.


Chicago Tower, Chicago

Flexform Sofa Elegance

Wing Sofa, Chicago Tower. Courtesy of Axis Mundi Design, Tony Cragg, Christopher Wool.

Set to finish construction later in the year, Chicago Towers adorned with expansive views of the Windy City. Bringing attention to the panoramic views, the living room is fitted with floor-to-ceiling glass.

Light and airy, the Wing Sofa specified in the living room matches the architectural composition of the residence. Made up of geometric shapes without the sharp corners, the Wing Sofa sits atop a cast-metal base set out of site. Giving the impression that the sofa is floating, the soft goose-down cushions add to the sofa’s lightweight appeal. A sculptural statement, whether in a residential or hospitality project, the Wing Sofa’s slender cast-aluminium supports several deep rectangular cushions.


Coogee, Sydney

Flexform Sofa Elegance

Soft Dream Sofa, Coogee House. Courtesy of Fanuli Furniture.

 This residence located in a dense, beachside suburb boasts views of its surrounds while being mindful of the client’s privacy.

Featuring several products from Flexform including the Soft Dream Sofa, Hera ChairsGuscio Armchairs and Happy Chaise Lounge, the entire house remains consistent in materiality and aesthetic.

Embodying a sense of warmth, the Guscio Armchair has an enveloping shell structure that is made of structural polyurethane foam. It is also paired with a goose down seat cushion to ensure the utmost comfort. The armchair’s sophisticated base is available in solid wood, Canaletto walnut or ash, or in metal with various finishes.

Additionally, the Soft Dream Sofa, in the open plan living room has a low double-depth armrest at 94cm. The lightweight sofa rises generously on top of elegant cast-metal slim legs. The understated yet comfortable form of the Soft Dream Sofa can be enhanced with additional cushions or numerous contrasting colours and Italian fabrics.

Flexform Sofa Elegance

Guscio Armchair, Coogee House.


Flexform in Australia is available through Fanuli

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