2 – 3 Series

 The latest creation from Melbourne based Yellow Diva – the 2-3 Junior series.

Designed by:  Yellow Diva


I am:  Childrens Table and Chairs -al adult size chair


About me:

Ingeniously cut from sheet plywood with virtually no wastage the pieces simply slot together without requiring tools or glue.  2-3 range is supplied packed flat in a handy cardboard carry box to minimize postage costs. Each 2-3 chair comes complete with white cable ties – purchase a pack of coloured cable ties to your order – add a touch of fun to the chair back! 




– Birch ply wood

– Nylon cable ties




adult chair – 420d x 510w x 810h  Seat height 455mm

children chair – 310d x 390w x 610mm h  Seat Height 340mm

children table – 600 x 600 x 530mm h




Yellow Diva