Arthur G Benson Wing-Back Chair

The timeless quality of the Wing-Back Chair from Arthur G represents 30 year’s experience in the production of innovative furniture design


Designed by:  Arthur G

I am:  The
Arthur G Benson Wing-Back Chair


Offering unrivalled comfort and style the Arthur G
Benson Wing-Back Chair represents a design classic. As with all Arthur G
products, the elegant, luxurious and exclusive piece is the result of local
craftsmanship – designed and manufactured in Australia.

The Wing-Back Chair is yet another example of Arthur
G’s 30 years experience in producing quality, innovative furniture designs.

Available in either full grain leather or fabric
upholstery – with upholstery plugs or piping – the Benson Wing-Back Chair
features a magnificent Victorian hardwood frame.

With innovative, unique designs Arthur G is
continuing to strengthen and evolve their collection, delivering the character,
colour and texture for which the company has become renowned.

Dimensions: Length 770mm x Depth 900mm x Height 1050mm

For an investment in timeless quality and comfort contact (03) 9429 6696
or visit the Arthur G website