Bunky by Marc Newson

The latest kid-friendly design from Magis, by Marc Newson.

World-renowned, award-winning Australian designer, Marc Newson, unveiled his latest design for ever-funky brand Magis at Milan design week 2011.

The rotation-moulded polyethylene ‘Bunky’ is a children’s bunk bed, designed for sleep and play. It has no sharp edges and a smooth finish to make for a very safe sleeping solution for the kids.

It’s great to see Newson turning his hand to such varied and interesting projects – a Qantas plane seat one day, a stovetop the next and now this.



The Bunky features a cool ladder for reaching the top bunk and also comes in a single bed version.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing it in the Region soon!

Images courtesy Magis via designboom


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