Charles Wilson and King Furniture

King Furniture Collaborate with Australian Designer Charles Wilson

In a world of mass production, it can be easy for personality to leave a design somewhere between the concept stage and the final product. Often things become bland, monotonous and seem a little uninspired.

Well, we’re hoping that the new collaboration of King Furniture – known for their quality furniture – and Australian designer, Charles Wilson, is the beginning of something special for accessible design.

This will be the first external collaboration for King Furniture, with Wilson creating a piece called ‘Andrea’.

We haven’t been given too many details on the new design as they’re keeping it relatively under wraps until it launches as part of the State of Design festival in Melbourne next week, but they’ve been kind enough to shoot through a quick video interview with Charles.

Take a look at the video, stay tuned and we’ll bring you more shortly…


Charles Wilson

King Furniture