Get into Bed with Space Furniture

Space Furniture presents two gorgeous bed frames: Naoto Fukusawa’s Papilio and Patricia Urquiola’s Husk.

Naoto Fukasawa has expanded the Papilio family, with the range now boasting a luxurious bed. The famous shape of the chair by the same name has made its debut as a headboard and frame, maintaining the shape and smoothness of the chair and expressing the simplicity and complete aesthetics with a firmness of symbol.


Soft and geometric, simple and complex but above all cosy and welcoming, the Husk bed is the ultimate cocoon of grandeur.


Based on the softness and comfort of the Husk armchair, Patricia Urquiola has grown the B&B Italia-produced Husk range with the addition of the Husk bed. The headboard is strong in personality and plays on the visual effects of the signature Husk stitching, while also accommodating the box springs.



Space Furniture