Habitus Loves… Dining Chairs

The chair has to have the most design variations of any object and even in the dining chair category there’s a lot. So we thought we’d sit down for a meal with 8 of our favourites, from the elegant, to the playful, to the seriously cool.




Designed by: Hanspeter Steiger for Röthlisberger Kollektion

Why we love it: This chair is made from just two pieces of moulded ply. A simple elegant form that would work just about anywhere.

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CH24 (Wishbone)



Designed by: Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen + Son

Why we love it: This is a classic design, so comfortable to sit in made the way it always was with hardwood and hand-woven paper cord. A visual and physical pleasure.

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Corporate Culture


Slick Slick Chair



Designed by: Philippe Starck

Why we love it: It’s light, strong and oh-so Starck! The playful colours and ‘wavey’ form takes something that can be quite serious and makes it fun.

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Designed by:
Monica Graffeo and Ruggero Magrini

Why we love it: This chair is so young and very, very cute. The ‘button’ on the back looks like a smartie and the simple legs and bubble-like form screams playtime.

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Designed by: Studio Tecnico

Why we love it: This dining chair is very sure of itself. Its square form is softened by the slight angle of the backrest. This is definitely a grown-up chair and comes with leather seat and backrest.

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Designed by: Ross Didier

Why we love it: This is new Australian design at its best. This upholstered dining chair features a solid oak frame with comfy rounded seat and backrest in one form.

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Designed by: N Garnham/ R Carlson

Why we love it: Simplicity. The Barri represents everything we love about Jardan’s furniture. It’s raw, simple, yet full of character – the rounded backrest with tapered supports and sculpted seat make it a comfortable choice as well.

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Designed by: Thonet

Why we love it: Now this one is a bit left field. Like a lot of Thonet’s chairs, this one was made for cafés and restaurants, but would be at home in any 1950s or 60s interior. For those of who don’t have ultra-modern or love the world of the 50s, the Otto will satisfy your craving.

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