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Night Light Table

A colourful, playful design by english furniture makers… and they ship internationally.

We spotted this fantastic little piece over here (thanks Design Milk). It’s called the Night Light Table and is produced by English duo, Charlie Crowther-Smith and Richard Bannister (could they be anything but English with those names!).

These tables, perfect for the bedside, use natural timbers and a colourful led backlit shelf. The table comes in orange, yellow, blue, green and purple.

Our first question was naturally, ‘Where can we get one?’ – expecting that most-common of answers… ‘Well, we’re not actually in production yet,’ or ‘We haven’t secured a supplier’.

Instead Charlie informed us that they are indeed making the tables and can ship the pieces internationally. We asked Charlie a few more questions about the design…



How did the Night Light Table come about?

“The design came about after a chat over an English breakfast with Rich one cold, dark winter’s morning.

“We were just saying that we needed a piece of furniture to brighten up our winters.”


Tell us a little about your design firm and this collaboration.

“Rich and I share a workshop although run separate businesses. I worked for Rich when I had just finished my furniture-making course.”

“It is quite easy to collaborate with someone you share a workspace with, constantly being able to bounce ideas off each other over a cup of tea on the step.”


Could you describe the design process?

“The table evolved as we made it. It was loosely based on a desk that I had designed for college.

“We just stared building and the design became more refined with each prototype we made. We both have bedrooms full of previous models with slightly differing dimensions and form.”



Why the bright colours?

“Colour plays a huge role in everything I design, I love it and Rich does too. So the idea to fill a from with colour projected from our furniture just seemed like a good idea.”


Where do you see this particular piece sitting within a home?

“At first we designed the table with bedroom in mind but I think it would work equally as well in the sitting room or as a greeting beacon in a hallway.”


Do you have plans to extend this into a range at all?

“We have talked about extending the range to maybe include a console table but we are yet to make one as yet.”


Finally, what inspires you?

“I am inspired by lots of things, other design, there is so much amazing and original work cropping up all the time. Recently I have been looking at scientific graphs to get new ideas about shape.”

Charlie Crowther-Smith


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