The Pebble Collection

The Pebble Collection represents De Vorm’s first collaboration with independent designer Benjamin Hubert. 

Designed by:

Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm



Hubert was inspired by the flat, smooth, rounded stones “pebbles” that wash up on the beach. The collection consists of a chair and a stool and was designed with a number of ambitions in mind, such as minimal environmental impact, that it can be completely disassembled and that all parts can be recycled. 



Seat: LDPE

Legs: Solid oak

Finish legs: Stone

Ring: Steel

Finish ring: Matte black powder

Colours: White, light grey, dark grey, sage green, army green


Chair h 820mm w 450mm d 550mm

High Stool h 650mm w 400mm d 400mm

Low Stool h 450mm w 400mm d 400mm




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