Quincy Table from Jardan

Jardan introduce another example of the simplified Australia elegance for which they have become renowned.

I am: A table


Designed by: Nick Garnham


About me:

This beautifully sculpted timber table is poetry in solid American oak. The result of expert craftsmanship, traditional joinery and attention to detail, Quincy would be perfect in almost any home.  


We love the velvety feel of the timber, what the crazy kids at Jardan call “deep bass, silky smooth beats and undeniable soul. Head nodding groove”.


The table has the usual Jardan environmental credentials and is available now from Jardan’s agents nationally and internationally.



Environmentally sustainable kiln-dried American oak hardwood construction, crafted using traditional joinery techniques.


Available in 7 different standard stain finishes and a large range of speed stain colours.