Simia from Hülsta

Introducing the beautiful living room storage range from Hülsta

Designed by: Hülsta


I am: Living Room range


About me:

Seductive… Enchanting… Beautiful. The stunning new living room range by Hülsta is sure to impress. Welcome, SIMIA.




SIMIA delivers a contemporary yet natural look, with true architectural design and ambient lighting. Natural wooden elements are combined with matt lacquer and stained glass units to create a stunning modern living environment.


SIMIA’s most enchanting feature is the lighting, using the latest LED technology to illuminate your prized possessions. The secret is called BlackMagic glass. Unlit, it is a mysterious high-gloss black surface – when lit, it becomes transparent, showing the objects inside to great effect.


Combining lighting, design, sustainable materials and the world-renowned Hülsta quality, SIMIA is a range like no other.


Hülsta is available at:

Adelaide: Transforma (08) 8364 6588
Melbourne: Image Interiors (03) 9421 6655
Perth: Ultimo Interiors (08) 9201 2479
Sydney: Covemore Designs (02) 9624 1011