The Timeless Chair

ERBA Italia combines comfort with style in the Timeless Chair from Milano.


The mattress-like feel of the Timeless Chair arouses memories of weekend slumber parties and lazy movie nights.

In the Timeless Chair, ERBA’s signature combination of style and luxurious comfort becomes a beacon for a moment – or afternoon – of deep relaxation.

The chair takes its distinctive shape from a steel frame and achieves mattress-like softness with multiple density non-deformable foam padding.

The Timeless Chair is available in a select range of Italian leathers and fabrics, or you can craft your own with a unique combination of the two.

ERBA’s latest offering shows-off years of experience in luxury Italian upholstery and furniture manufacture.

The range includes sofas, suites and a variety of stand-alone chairs that promise a lifetime of durability and a daily dose of relaxation.

The Timeless Chair is distributed by Milano Furniture in Australia.


Milano Furniture
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