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Habitus Loves… a cosy winter

The nights are getting longer, the air brisker, and our tans are quickly fading. Winter is almost upon us, and habitusliving has eight favourites for warming you this frosty season.

Aeris Black


Designed by: Federico Otero for Cocoon

Why we love it: Using biofuel makes this sophisticated, modern fireplace smoke- and odourless, and the clever hanging mechanism allows you to have multiple brackets, move it between rooms and rotate it through 360 degrees. Marshmallows and/or chestnuts not included. 

Where you can get it: Selected retailers


Bathtub S


Designed by: Nendo for Bisazza

Why we love it: A hot bath is absolutely guaranteed to drive even the deepest chill from your bones, and Bisazza’s new hand-crafted larch wood tub adds the warmth of natural materials to the experience. 

Where you can get it: Bisazza


Fivepoint gloves


Designed by: Etre

Why we love it: As if their luxurious cashmeriness wasn’t reason enough, these funky gloves are designed especially for use with Apple touch screens – no more blue-fingered texting!

Where you can get it: Etre


Hot Chocolate


Designed by: The Mayas. 

Why we love it: When the cold has burrowed into your belly and spoilt your mood there’s nothing like a good hot chocolate to make everything better. For us here at HL that means an irresponsible amount of dark chocolate (we especially like Green & Blacks 85%) melted into full cream milk, but any incarnation of this magical beverage is praiseworthy. 

Where you can get it: Preferably a sweet-natured old lady. 




Designed by: Massimo Iosa Ghini for Antrax

Why we love it: This stylish heater is composed of three steely plates and can be installed horizontally or vertically, offering both an aesthetic and heating solution.

Where you can get it: Designer Heat




Designed by: Kas

Why we love it: Versatile, comfortable, casual – a throw is the perfect extra layer for any home-bound activity. Kas’ choice of silk and bamboo fibers makes this one all the more indulgently inviting, and leaves us praying for rainy sundays. 

Where you can get it: Various resellers


Fondue Pot


Designed by: Ruffoni

Why we love it: Melted Raclette, crusty bread, kirsch – need we say more? The hand-hammered copper exterior and cast iron stand give this pot a beautifully classical feel, and ensure the cheesy goodness is quickly and evenly melted. Recommended before the hot chocolate. 

Where you can get it: Williams-Sonoma


Too beautiful to hide


Designed by: Wendy Legro

Why we love it: The humble hot water bottle has an assured place in the arsenal of winter warmers, and this elegant interpretation of the classic combines flowing curves with instant warmth.

Where you can get it: droog