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Habitus Loves… A Keen Edge

Few are the satisfactions as visceral as that found from effortlessly slicing, and this week we celebrate eight tools that make this simple pleasure even more of a delight. Knives, of course, are centre stage, but scissors, hedge cutters and guillotines also swell the ranks of our recommendations.

Ceramic Lime Slicer

Created by: Edge of Belgravia

Why we love it: The Ceramic Lime Slicer features an elegant, crisp, lime coloured rubber handle, bringing a touch of extravagance to any contemporary kitchen. Purposely engineered for slicing roasted meat and cutting fish, its 6-inch narrow blade renders it an avant-garde carving knife, seamlessly slicing accurate cuts across roasted joints of savoury beef and fish filet. The ceramic blade stays sharp for years without need for sharpening, and the unique angular design of the handle forms a centrepiece of action and art in every kitchen. Each knife forms part of a limited edition series of 999 pieces.

Where you can get it: Edge of Belgravia

Chef’s Knife

Created by: Global Knife

Why we love it: Made to the exacting standards of Japanese professional chefs, Global’s award-winning knives are an excellent choice for the discerning home cook. This chef’s knife’s long razor-sharp blade is suited to virtually any cutting task, from dicing vegetables to quartering a chicken.

Where you can get it: Williams-Sonoma

Saji Ironwood 240mm Gyuto

Created by: Takeshi Saji for Chef’s Armoury

Why we love it: Saji-san’s knives follow an organic line from the tip of the blade to the handle to create a work of art. The blades are forged from exotic 101-layer nickel damascus steel, with solid desert ironwood handles, an R2 powder steel core joined with a highly polished stainless bolster.These knives deserve luxurious surrounds, so each comes with a hand made kiri wood box to rest in after a hard day in the kitchen.

Where you can get it: Chef’s Armoury

Tomato Knife

Created by: Victorinox

Why we love it: Economical, sturdy and alarmingly sharp, the Victorinox tomato knife is a supremely utilitarian kitchen tool, with infinite slicing applications.

Where you can get it: Chef’s Warehouse

DynaGrip® Snap-Off Cartridge Knife

Created by: Stanley Hand tools

Why we love it: Moving away from the kitchen to the construction, arts and crafts, and DIY arenas, the Stanley knife is synonymous with reliable cutting prowess. One of the latest evolutions of the classic, this model features a blade cartridge which automatically slides new blades into position after an old blade is removed, an ergonomic design for comfort and cutting power and a smooth, self-locking slider mechanism with an audible click stop.

Where you can get it: Hardware stores

Super Shears

Created by: CutCo

Why we love it: Sturdy, comfortable to use, and addictively powerful, these scissors/shears guarantee decisive, satisfying cutting in anything from roast chickens to thick cardboard. Squeeze, slice, and exhale. 

Where you can get it: CutCo Australia

Stellar A4 Guillotine

Created by: Fellowes

Why we love it: Despite the somewhat gory connotations of the guillotine, it is an indispensable tool for the lover of simultaneous straight severance. The Fellowes model can cut upto 20 sheets of 80 gsm paper in one fell lop, and includes a full size SafeCut Guard to prevent ‘mishandling’.

Where you can get it: Stationery Distributors

Ultralight Branch and Scrub Cutter

Created by: Wilkinson Sword

Why we love it: An absolute life-saver when it comes to trimming tall trees/bushes etc., this light-weight, extendable cutter avoids the need for life threatening step ladder operations, instead affording the ability to access far away plant life. 

Where you can get it: Wilkinson Sword