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Habitus Loves… Cardboard

Ubiquitous and utilitarian, this most humble of materials holds surprising design and aesthetic potential.



Designed by: Kiel Johnson

Why we love it: Using cardboard to meticulously recreate old-school cameras is cool enough, but the fact that they actually work makes these truly exceptional. 

Where you can get it: Kiel Johnson




Designed by: Flexible Love

Why we love it: This modular range of sofas repurposes recycled cardboard to create elegant, durable furniture. Employing pre-existing manufacturing techniques further reduces environmental impact, making this a responsible as well as ingenious line of products.

Where you can get it: Flexible Love




Designed by: Tokujin Yoshioka

Why we love it: Folding out from a single flat sheet, the Honey Pop chair moulds to the contours of it’s occupier. It can be re-flattened and opened to register a new body-shape, making it versatile, ingenious and comfortable.

Where you can get it: Tokujin Yoshioka




Designed by: Graypants 

Why we love it: Inspired by the planet Jupiter, the Moon series Scraplights use cardboards original structure to gently diffuse light and create a textured illumination. 

Where you can get it: Graypants




Designed by: Mike Sheldrake

Why we love it: Using cardboard for the internal structure of the surfboard and then laminating it with fibre glass has yielded a lightweight, functional ride that won’t leave you floating in a pulpy seawater soup.

Where you can get it: Sheldrake.net




Designed by: Christopher McNicholl

Why we love it: In an age when every technological device resembles the starship enterprise this simple, functional radio is refreshingly straightforward. The fact that it’s almost completely recyclable further heightens its appeal.

Where you can get it: 4M




Designed by: Foldschool

Why we love it: Taking environmentally friendly design to the next level, the Foldschool range of furniture is not actually a product you purchase but a set of instructions on how to build your own furniture you download… for free! Viva the Foldschool revolution!

Where you can get it: Foldschool




Designed by: Creative Coffins

Why we love it: Whilst pharaohs and taxidermist might balk at the idea, decomposing a coffin (and corpse) is the environmentally responsible way of disposing of yourself once they (you) are no longer in use. The coffins do, however, come in a lively range of designs. 

Where you can get it: Creative Coffins