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Habitus Loves… Cleaning

Well, we don’t actually love it, but to get into the mood for the upcoming issue of Habitus we though we’d share a few products that should make your Spring Clean easier and more pleasant.

Magò Broom


Designed by: Stefano Giovannoni for Magis

Why we love it: The humble broom is often the harbinger of serious cleaning. What starts with a quick sweep inevitably spirals into an obsessive quest to find and conquer every lurking screed of dirt. The Magò broom, with its bright, fun colours, injects an air of levity into this crusade against clutter.

Where you can get it: top3


DC35 Multi Floor


Designed by: Dyson

Why we love it: Not needing to walk all the way back to the other room to unplug the vacuum cleaner and then walk all the way back to plug it in, again, so as to vacuum that last thirty square centimeter patch of floor? Yes please. Cordless glory.

Where you can get it: Dyson


Super Swish Spray Mop


Designed by: Sabco

Why we love it: Integrating a spray bottle into a mop so as to have soapy water on hand to deal with stubborn grime may seem like an obvious concept now that it’s been done, but its convenience and ingenuity are not to be underestimated. No more messing around with swishing buckets and drenching your floors, just squeeze out a simple spray to soften and lubricate, and mop away.

Where you can get it: Selected retailer


Floor Cleaner


Designed by: Planet Luxe

Why we love it: Now that you’ve got that spray mop, continue the upgrade with this powerful yet luscious and environmentally friendly floor cleaner. Featuring a titillating cast of organic soapwort extract, sweet orange essential oil, lemon myrtle essential oil, kakadu plum extract and organic lavender extract, this stuff is packed with aromatic cleansing muscle. 

Where you can get it: Selected stockists


Jetz Scrubs


Designed by: Jetz

Why we love it: It’s odd to be this excited by a sponge, but our recurring frustration at having average sponges rapidly degenerate into broken, mottled petri-dishes of bacteria caked and spotted with burnt soup and chicken fat required resolution. Jetz Scrubs, at last, feature a tougher structure that allows them to scrub better and last longer. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher and disinfected in boiling water, and the non-scratch scouring surface on the back is brutal on grime without harming your cookware. 

Where you can get it: Amazon


Woodgrain Dustpan and Brush


Designed by: Alice Supply CO.

Why we love it: A plastic dustpan and brush? Pffft. Get some REAL sweeping power with this woodgrain-pattern metal dustpan and timber brush! You’ll be yearning for someone to break a glass at your next dinner party with this bad boy stashed in your cupboard.  

Where you can get it: Gessato


Spit & Polish


Designed by: Murchison-Hume

Why we love it: Now that you’ve punished your floors with broom, vacuum and mop, raise the altitude and go berserk at the steel benchtops and pots with this chrome and stainless steel cleaner. Available in enticing aromas of Australian White Grapefruit and Coriander, it’ll bludgeon stains while leaving your kitchen deliciously fragrant.

Where you can get it: Selected retailers


Grapefruit and Watercress Room Fragrance


Designed by: Jeremi London

Why we love it: Unwanted smells, regardless of their provenance, merit exile. Banish them with the Jeremi London range of room fragrances – we particularly enjoy the grapefruit and watercress varietal, but the bergamot and cedar wood, melon amber and peony and persimmon and plum also sound attractive.

Where you can get it: Selected stockists