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Habitus Loves… Cooking

Incorrigible gourmands that we are, this week on habitusliving we take a look at our favourite kitchen accessories.



Designed by: Michael Graves for Alessi 

Why we love it: From English Breakfast to instant Miso the humble kettle is an indispensable kitchen appliance. Alessi’s 1980’s classic is elegant, playful and timeless.

Where you can get it: Bristol & Brooks


Ice-cream maker


Designed by: Cuisinart

Why we love it: With a solid, brushed metal exterior and heavy-duty motor the Cuisinart ice-cream maker radiates serious gastronomy. It’s results, however, are sweet and fluffy.

Where you can get it: David Jones


Electric pizza maker


Designed by: Rotex

Why we love it: For those of us who don’t have a pizza oven/igloo in the backyard the Rotex pizza maker offers a more modest but highly functional substitute. Made with the same refracting bricks of professional ovens, this bench-top appliance is bright, convenient and full of deliciously crusty promise. 

Where you can get it: Rotex


Vision Toaster


Designed by: Magimix 

Why we love it: No longer shall toast be either soggy or charcoal! The Vision toaster’s panoramic toast-watching windows not only provide a meditative early morning spectacle, they let you get that perfect golden crunch.

Where you can get it: David Jones


X-13 Meat Slicer


Designed by: Berkel

Why we love it: Whilst you might have to eat unhealthy quantities of sliced meat to justify this appliance, it is guaranteed to turn your legs of prosciutto into translucent, pink slivers of salty goodness. With a one piece engineered polymer base to reduce seams and joints and a variable pitch barrel cam for fine adjustment this slicer gets our pick for aesthetic and design.

Where you can get it: Brice


Spaghetti measure


Designed by: Joseph Joseph

Why we love it: ‘A handful’ is not a useful unit of measurement. Thankfully with the spaghetti measure you can easily control pasta portions. And impress your friends.

Where you can get it: Chalet




Designed by: Kitchenaid

Why we love it: Beneath it’s vintage exterior this appliance packs some serious mixing power. The Flex Edge Beater assures rapid incorporation and the planetary mixing action, hitting 67 points around the bowl, assures no corner is overlooked. And you can use it to make mince, for sausages, fish cakes and other delectables.

Where you can get it: Myer


The Penguin


Designed by: Sodastream

Why we love it: A convenient, economical and environmentally friendly substitute to bottled sparkling water, the Penguin combines elegant curves with modern finishes in a fusion of form and function. 

Where you can get it: Sodastream