Habitus Loves… Desk Lamps

A ubiquitous fixture of the workspace, desk lamps accompany us deep into the coffee-fueled small hours. This week we span decades and styles to bring you our favourites from the genre.

Type 1228


Created by: Kenneth Grange for Anglepoise

Why we love it: Classic, convenient, and available in a range of colours, the Type 1228 from Anglespoise is functional and attractive to the core. 

Where you can get it: Corporate Culture


Tizio LED


Created by: Richard Sapper for Artemide

Why we love it: Created by the brand synonymous with lighting excellence, the Tizio LED combines the energy efficiency and long life of LED bulbs with a light and easily adjustable counter-weighted polycarbonate body.

Where you can get it: Artemide


Heavy Desk Light


Created by: Benjamin Hubert

Why we love it: This robust concrete and plywood desk lamp combine contribute a playful industrial feel to the workplace while providing powerful local illumination. 

Where you can get it: Benjamin Hubert






Created by: Magnus Wastberg for Euroluce

Why we love it: Classic black, sleek and lusciously curved, the Massaud is a boldly minimal design statement. 

Where you can get it: Euroluce




Created by: Philippe Starck for Flos

Why we love it: Combining an iPhone, iPad or iPod dock with an LED desk lamp, the D’E-LIGHT is compact, stylish and modern.

Where you can get it: Euroluce




Created by: Koncept

Why we love it: Perfectly counterbalanced to allow adjustment with the lightest touch and featuring a touchstrip to adjust brightness and power, the Equo is a fusion of the latest technology and superb deisgn. 

Where you can get it: UCI


Swedish Desk Lamp


Created by: Vampt

Why we love it: A 1970s classic, this steel halogen desk lamp embodies retro-futuristic cool. 

Where you can get it: Vampt




Designed by: David Weeks

Why we love it: The Boi Desk Lamp relies on the minimalist sophistication of circular forms seen in the powder coated aluminum shade and weighted ring base. The lamp casts a vibrant and direct light.

Where you can get it: FY2K