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Habitus Loves… Indoor Plants

Be it feng shui, purer air or simply a green thumb there are many reasons to celebrate our leafy friends, so deck out your daisies with these funky pots.



Designed by: Brandon Perhacs

Why we love it: Ingeniously designed with a magnetic base and stainless steel spheres at the bottom of the vases Adaptation promotes creative and original arrangements.

Where you can get it: Yanko Designs


I/V Plant Pot


Designed by: Vitamin

Why we love it: The slick black/white base and startling use of medical equipment make a nice counterpoint to the organic forms and colors oft the resident plant, and the I/V drip makes it self-watering!

Where you can get it: Vitamin




Designed by: Hova

Why we love it: Consisting of a fabric sleeve that takes shape as it is filled with soil, the FabricPot allows plants to breathe and prevents salt accumulation around the roots, keeping your plant healthy and happy.

Where you can get it: Hova


Messina Planter


Designed by: Chiasso

Why we love it: Made from powder coated iron this classic hanging vase is the perfect vessel for lazily drooping hanging plants and gives a floaty, airy feel to your flora.

Where you can get it: Chiasso


Tab A/B


Designed by: Vitamin

Why we love it: The top of this simple ceramic pot lifts out to reveal a bowl perfect for hiding secret things (or using as an ashtray).

Where you can get it: Vitamin


Storm Flowerpot


Designed by: Normann Copenhagen

Why we love it: Made from two separate aluminium elements, the Storm Flowerpot has a modern, sophisticated aesthetic while incorporating convenience and functionality in it’s large, anti-spill water reservoir.

Where you can get it: Huset


Eva Solo


Designed by: Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbaek

Why we love it: Incorporating a water reserve in the bottom part of the vase that is then dispensed to the soil by clever use of a wick, the Eva Solo is not only a stylish pot but one that will keep your plants from wilting away.

Where you can get it: top3


Greenbo Railing Planter


Designed by: Greenbo

Why we love it: An imaginative solution to growing plants in urban areas, the Greenbo is versatile, charming and a perfect way to put that vacant railing space to use.

Where you can get it: Yanko Designs