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Habitus Loves… Jewellery

With Australian jewellery and its creators enjoying wide success both domestically and abroad, we thought this week we’d give you a selection of our favourite established and up-and-coming Australian jewellers.



Designed by: Alison Jackson

Why we love it: Employing traditional silversmithing techniques achieve a refined and contemporary aesthetic, Jackson’s jewellery demonstrates the care and attention to detail achieved only through patient, individual craftsmanship.

Where you can get it: Selected stockists




Designed by: Jordan Askill

Why we love it: Drawing inspiration from mythology, childhood whimsy and the natural world, Askill’s work is unique and beautifully finished. The combination of different materials and intricate detail lend each piece a layered appeal, with new features and highlights noticed as time goes by.

Where you can get it: General inquiries: info@askillprojects.com
In Sydney: The Corner Shop 


Woven and Plain rings


Designed by: Kimberley Ebbeck

Why we love it: Ebbeck’s imaginative use of woven hair gives a textured, organic feel to her jewellery and creates elegant, highly wearable pieces. 

Where you can get it: Hairlooms


Ring, Ring


Designed by: Matt Dwyer

Why we love it: With a sculptural approach and a respect for the natural virtues of the materials he uses, Dwyer’s jewellery is evocative of a classical, minimalist style incorporating fluid lines and geometric volumes that update it and keep it relevant. 

Where you can get it: Fio




Designed by: Michaela Bruton

Why we love it: Using highly technical silver wire lacework and filigree techniques inspired by those used during the 17th century Ming Dynasty and combining an eclectic mix of precious metals and natural elements, Bruton’s pieces evoke stylized natural shapes which verge on wearable art.

Where you can get it: Alice Euphemia




Designed by: Natalia Milosz-Piekarska

Why we love it: Taking its inspiration from superstition, folklore and ritual, Milosz-Piekarska’s objects evoke the power and symbolism of ancient spiritualism. She playfully combines traditional and non-traditional materials to create unique, colorful and striking jewellery. 

Where you can get it: Selected stockists




Designed by: Warwick Freeman

Why we love it: With an adventurous and decisive aesthetic, Freeman’s objects are statements as much as ornamentation. Drawing on widely varied inspiration ranging from geometric shapes and folk art to the shapes of the human body the works are surprising and familiar at the same time and sure to elicit a response. 

Where you can get it: Funaki


Wisteria Earrings


Designed by: Yuko Fujita

Why we love it: Created with an intentional sensibility to the materials she uses, Fujita’s jewellery harnesses the interplay between material, texture, shape and colour. 

Where you can get it: Egetal