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Habitus loves… Luggage

From totes to titanium, these pieces of luggage showcase design ingenuity and discerning aesthetics

Anti-gravity suitcase


Designed by: Live Luggage

Why we love it:The anti-gravity handle and flat motor technology built into the wheels make this suitcase incredibly easy to handle, while the injection mould case keeps it sleek and tough.

Where you can get it: Live Luggage


Britto eCase


Designed by: Heys USA

Why we love it:The marriage between Heys’ renowned ingenuity and bold, vibrant colours makes this suitcase not only excellently designed but supremely easy to spot on the baggage carousel.

Where you can get it: Heys USA


Hard Carry Travel case


Designed by: MUJI 

Why we love it: Solidly simple, with 360-degree turning wheels and lightweight polycarbonate case, the MUJI Hard Carry Travel case finds that elusive balance between aesthetic and functionality.
Where you can get it: MUJI


Campari Satchel


Designed by: Bric’s

Why we love it: Inspired by Bruno Munari’s Manifesto Campari, this colorful take on the duffel gives colour and flare to the ultra-reliable classic.

Where you can get it: Bric’s


‘Titanium’ Suitcase


Designed by: Rimowa

Why we love it: Probably indestructible, Rimowa’s ‘Titanium’ suitcase packs teutonic endurance into a clean-lined polyjacquard case.

Where you can get it: Rimowa


Keepall 45 duffel bag


Designed by: Louis Vuitton

Why we love it: Supple, detailed and versatle, the Keepall 45 quietly announces the stylish traveller.

Where you can get it: Louis Vuitton


‘Hamptons’ tote bag


Designed by: Coach

Why we love it: As far as resort-holidaying goes the tote is hard to beat. The Hamptons’ elegant simplicity and sand and water palette are the perfect accompaniment to a day at the beach.

Where you can get it: Coach


‘Travelfriend’ suitcase


Designed by: HENK

Why we love it: Exclusive and elite, the ‘Travelfriend’ is the pinnacle of bespoke luggage. A wealth of features, the latest technology and meticulous dutch cratmanship combine to create the ultimate suitcase.

Where you can get it: HENK