Habitus Loves… Stationery

Print or cursive, sketch or scribble, no matter how you choose to put ink on a page the tools you use will affect the end result. This week at Habitusliving we share our favourite items of stationery.

2000 Fountain Pen


Designed by: Gerd A. Müller for Lamy

Why we love it: Made from a combination of fibreglass and ‘Makrolon’ brushed stainless steel with a 14kt gold nib, the Lamy 2000 fountain pen is revered by scribes of all stripes. Piston filled with a a spring operated clip it creates inimitably smooth script and is a delight to write with.

Where you can get it: ikonink


Graph Gear 1000 Mechanical Pencil


Designed by: Pentel

Why we love it: From it’s strong, sleek stainless steel exterior to the retractable nib and finely chiseled metallic grip inlaid with soft pads, the Graph Gear 1000 drafting pencil is a perfect fusion of comfort, function and aesthetics. 

Where you can get it: Pentel


Cotton Roll Pencil Case


Designed by: Delfonics

Why we love it: Combining the refinement of linen with a compact and flexible design, this pencil case allows you to simply undo and unravel into a flat case stitched to hold 13 pens or pencils. 

Where you can get it: NoteMaker


Cowhide desk pad


Designed by: Manufactum

Why we love it: After scrupulously searching for the perfect writing instrument and paper, what a shame it would be to have one’s diligence undone by too hard or soft a surface upon which to compose. Cowhide leather gives a perfect mix of cushion and support, and the ample size of 50 x70 cm ensures generous space to spread out on.

Where you can get it: Manufactum


Tuscany Journal


Designed by: Corban & Blair

Why we love it: Combining debossed and smooth leather to create a pleasing tactile contrast, this A6, 80gsm notebook is the perfect repository for momentary thoughts, sketches and inspirations. 

Where you can get it: Corban & Blair


Garden Letter Set


Designed by: Elm

Why we love it: Comprising 10 writing sheets, 15 envelopes, 5 cards, 1 gift card and 3 gift tags, this letter set is decorated with finely detailed botanical imagery, adding a cool, soft feel to the paper. 

Where you can get it: Elm


Accordian File


Designed by: Il Papiro

Why we love it: The marbled paper of this file is hand decorated one sheet at a time according to the procedure of Mace Ruette, famous book-binder of Louis XIII. Irregularities in the pattern form part of its individual nature, creating an elegantly colorful container for your documents.

Where you can get it: Il Papiro


Wax Seal


Designed by: J. Herbin

Why we love it: Perhaps more than it’s original security purposes, a wax seal lends an archaic flourish to a letter (or better yet, scroll). The comforting weight of french made Brass Steel, and a varnished wooden handle add further gravitas to the process of imprinting your personal image, initials, monogram or logo in the soft substance.

Where you can get it: telegram