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Habitus loves… Staying Dry

Rain – it ruins hair, clothes, and shoes. Defend yourself with these clever, water-evading contraptions.

Cover Cloth Umbrella


Designed by: Filson

Why we love it:Classic, sturdy and broad, this no-nonsense umbrella can be relied on to keep you dry.

Where you can get it: Filson


Goggles Umbrella


Designed by: 25togoWhy we love it:Playful and convenient, the goggles-shaped window in this umbrella lets you huddle under it’s protective dome while still maneuvering the urban obstacle course.

Where you can get it: Designboom




Designed by: Hunter

Why we love it: When it’s just really wet, nothing beats gumboots. Dry, warm feet inside, bold, glossy colour outside.

Where you can get it: Hunter


Blunt Umbrella


Designed by: Blunt

Why we love it: Poked anyone in the eye with an umbrella recently? Been poked? The Blunt umbrella removes this ubiquitous safety hazard while incorporating fluid lines and solid construction.

Where you can get it: Blunt


Street Wallet


Designed by: DOSH

Why we love it: Made from water resistant Desmopan and designed to be extra durable, DOSH wallets will keep your business cards and banknotes safe even in the most torrential of deluges.

Where you can get it: DOSH


Tribeca Raincoat


Designed by: Terra New York

Why we love it: Raincoats shouldn’t look like garbage bags with sleeves. The Tribeca, with ventilation and heat-sealed seams, keeps you dry and stylish.

Where you can get it: Terra New York




Designed by: Nubrella

Why we love it: For when you absolutely, positively, have to talk on your mobile phone while drinking coffee and walking in the rain.

Where you can get it: Nubrella


Pagoda Umbrella


Designed by: Umbrella Heaven

Why we love it: The multiple vents not only give this umbrella an oriental charm, they also allow it to function in winds of up to 50mph.

Where you can get it: Umbrella Heaven


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