Habitus Loves… Tiles

Providing a myriad of colour, texture and pattern possibilities, tiles can elevate a surface from merely functional to artistic. This week we bring you a selection of eight of the latest, most interesting and most beautiful tiles available.

‘PK’ Copper Tiles


Created by: Alloy Tiles

Why we love it: Punched from an individual sheet of 1.6mm solid, high quality copper, these tiles require no backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal look-alike ‘metallic’ coatings and won’t dent, crack or de-laminate. Copper mosaic tiles will naturally oxidise over time and depending on the environment will produce a rich green hued patina.

Where you can get it: Alloy Tiles


MARVEL Calacatta Floor Design


Created by: Atlas Concorde

Why we love it: Recreating the delicate veining of white Calcutta marble with remarkable accuracy, these tiles can be used to create the same elegant, classic finish as marble at a substantially lower cost and weight.  

Where you can get it: DW Tiles




Created by: Bisazza

Why we love it: Earthy colours and textured pattern combine to make this mosaic wall tile blend a rich decorative feature. 

Where you can get it: Perini Tiles, Academy Tiles




Le Pietre del Mulino


Created by: Iris Ceramica

Why we love it: Evoking rustic tuscan charm, these ceramic floor tiles are an ideal complement to a relaxed, summery space.

Where you can get it: Better Tiles


Aztec Mosaic Orange


Created by: Design Republic

Why we love it: Dark ad intense, the ruby tones of these mosaic tiles provide a bold pop of colour. 

Where you can get it: Design Republic




Created by: Sicis

Why we love it: Sicis’ artistic mosaic arrangements add a gorgeously detailed aesthetic dimension to their surrounds, elevating any surface to a decorative feature. 

Where you can get it: Elite Bathware


Sapporo Neutral


Created by: Skheme

Why we love it: The dark grain of these ceramic floor tiles is perfect for private, intimate spaces, and lends lends a reserved warmth to the surface.

Where you can get it: Skheme




Designed by: Kale Tiles

Why we love it: The simple elegance of the relief pattern on these white marble tiles creates a pure, clean mood ideal for bathroom sanctuaries.

Where you can get it: Academy Tiles