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Habitus Loves… Top3 By Design

top3 by design

A concept born in Australia and unique to the world, top3 is about editing options, not limiting choice — reducing the excess that falls outside the set parameters of quality, innovation and style. This week we look at old favourites and new releases that make us love top3 by design.


Flip Around Table

Created by: Norm for Menu

Why we love it: A few simple adjustments and you can transform the Flip Around chair from the key-keeping tray in the hallway, to the table holding your afternoon coffee and into a surprisingly comfortable stool. A new multi-functional piece of furniture that can assist you all over the house, kind of like the butler you never had.

Where you can get it: Top3 By Design

Erode Throw

Created by: Missoni Home

Why we love it: Add some luxury to the living room or bedroom with divine Missoni throws and cushions. Each throw comes packed in a Missoni gift box.

Where you can get it: Top3 By Design

Propelling Pencil

Created by: E+M

Why we love it: All E + M pencils and pens are made on classic turning lathes according to craft tradition. They work with domestic woods such as copper beech, sycamore, maple, pearwood & cherry and finish their products using natural oils and waxes. To allow E + M to make such high quality products, their wood undergoes a number of production and inspection steps which ensure quality. Sustainability is also a high priority with E+M only using FSC certified forestry products.

Where you can get it: Top3 By Design


Created by: Native Union

Why we love it: The MONOCLE is not just one thing; Speaker, handset and speakerphone that allows you to enjoy music and calls in a fresh new way – however and wherever you are. You can transform your handset into a speaker, or daisy-chain up to 10 MONOCLES to create the best listening experience. MONOCLE, your smartphone companion.

Where you can get it: Top3 By Design

Nud Light – Copper

Created by: N.U.D. Collection

Why we love it: Stunning NEW Copper Fitting for the Nud Light. The N.U.D. Collection centres on the beauty of a bare light bulb, and allows you to experiment with colours and shapes in your lighting design. Hang the cords neatly, or knot or tangle them for a stunning and whimsical effect.

Where you can get it: Top3 By Design

Cocoon Terra

Created by: Cocoon Fires

Why we love it: Cocoon fireplaces run on ethanol, making the fires clean and environmentally friendly. As the ethanol burns the main body of the fireplace heats and radiates warmth throughout the room. The burner contained inside can hold enough fuel to burn for up to 4-6 hours depending on the heat setting, which can be adjusted for comfort.

Where you can get it: Top3 By Design

Votive Lantern

Created by: Harri Koskinen for Iittala

Why we love it: The iconic Koskinen Lantern was designed in 1999. It’s family has been extended to include lamps and other glass colours. Mix colours and heights of lanterns to stunning effect.

Where you can get it: Top3 By Design

Model 1 – Walnut

Created by: Tivoli

Why we love it: With Tivoli’s Model One BT with Bluetooth wireless technology, simply switch to your Auxiliary position and after initial pairing, start listening to your favourite music wirelessly, its that simple.

Where you can get it: Top3 By Design