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Habitus Loves… Travelling

As much as we love to trot the globe, we can’t deny that sometimes the actual traveling part can be somewhat tedious. Make your next voyage just that little bit easier and more comfortable with these eight accessories.



Designed by: Orange22 Design Labs

Why we love it: You know that useless tangle of earphones, charging cables, bits of yarn, etc. that seems to assemble itself in your bag (cf the Gordian Knot)? Well the good people behind Grid-It are here to help. With a unique and highly flexible layout of rubberized elastic bands, this slim and lightweight storage platform will keep your belongings (and brain) mess- and stress-free.

Where you can get it: Flight001




Designed by: Wei-Shin Lai

Why we love it: Music can be an invaluable tool for getting to sleep while traveling (or even at home for that matter), however traditional earphones and earbuds can be uncomfortable and don’t permit you to sleep on your side. Sleepphones solve this by using a superflat speaker that lies over your ear and produces good quality audio without creating discomfort.

Where you can get it: Sleepphones




Designed by: humangear

Why we love it: Refilling regular shampoo bottles is a messy and infuriating pursuit that more often than not results in abandoning the entire venture and purchasing an oddly-scented replacement (for instance Pu’er) in a foreign land. The Gotoob is a benediction to those who suffer this plight; made from easy to squeeze and resilient silicone and featuring a large opening, no-drip valve and content identification tag it makes transporting your favourite lotions, ointments and salves a breeze.

Where you can get it: Flight001






Designed by: Chris Thomas

Why we love it: Sometimes the only solution is to isolate yourself completely from your surroundings and sleep. In these cases light and noise are your enemies. The Hibermate, on the other hand, is your ally. Boasting total light blockage, 50% noise reduction, a silky outer cover and cozy poly-cotton inner lining, the Hibermate is probably the world’s best eye mask. Completely hypo-allergenic and machine washable, it ensures comfort, convenience, and sweet, sweet repose.

Where you can get it: Hibermate




Designed by: JetBag

Why we love it: That moment when lifting your suitcase off the carousel is accompanied by a waft of Kahlua and a dribble of creamy liquid from the zipper is not a good one. The JetBag’s inner absorbent layer, padding and airtight seal can, thankfully, save your belongings from alcohol/perfume marination.

Where you can get it: JetBag


Simple Travel Pillow


Designed by: MethodSimple

Why we love it: Designed to support the head and relieve pressure from the neck the Simple Travel Pillow aims to keep the body in its natural alignment and provide the most restful position possible while sitting upright. Featuring a pump and valve to inflate/deflate the pillow and find the right dimension and 100% Nylon spacer fabric to keep you cool and dry it offers a unique degree of comfort.

Where you can get it: Simple Travel Pillow


Parlux 3500


Designed by: Parlux

Why we love it: You just can’t trust hotel hairdryers to make your locks look their best. But rather than faffing about with some asthmatic ‘travel’ sized contraption, invest in a seriously powerful Parlux 3500. Packing real power with a 2000 watt motor and 73 cubic metres/hour airflow this pocket rocket compresses more into its compact frame than most regular-sized hairdryers.

Where you can get it: Westfield


Documents Wallet


Designed by: Poltrona Frau

Why we love it: As great as all the gadgetry and synthetic fibres are, the timeless elegance of an expertly made leather documents wallet gives just the right touch of refinement and glamour to your travel. Whether plucked from a breast pocket when trying to secure an upgrade or consulted while bluff your way into the frequent flyer lounge, it is sure to make an impression.

Where you can get it: Corporate Culture