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Habitus Loves… Wine

Rather than wade into the murky polemic of which particular wines are worth loving, we thought we’d give you our pick of wine-related things.

Electric Opener


Designed by: Metrokane

Why we love it: Whether it’s lacquered nails or a love of gadgetry, there is always a good reason to buy a small machine to open your wine for you. This one comes with a few particularly nifty functions – it fits over the neck of the bottle for a strong, reliable pull, is rechargeable and has an LCD screen telling you how many pulls it has left.

Where you can get it: Nordstrom


Wine Vault


Designed by: Vintec

Why we love it: The sky’s the limit when it comes to wine vaults, but we feel that the 140 bottle capacity of this compact number should accommodate all but the most ambitious of bacchanalia. And it has all the bells and whistles, including humidity control, a security lock and even a winter heating function.

Where you can get it: Showroom/selected distributors 


Wine Saver


Designed by: Vacu Vin

Why we love it: Sometimes you just can’t finish the bottle. But rather than let the remainder turn to vinegar, a few pulls on this wine saver will keep it fresh for days.

Where you can get it: Top Australian Wines


Wine Aerator


Designed by: Marcus Vagnby for Cellarbate

Why we love it: For those of us not patient enough to wait the seemingly interminable two hours recommended to allow wines to reach full aeration, this smart little tool gives an entire bottle all the enhancement in flavour in just 30 seconds. It also filters sediment and is usable with only one hand , making it particularly convenient. 

Where you can get it: Cellarbate


Wine thermometer


Designed by: Menu

Why we love it: There is really no wrong temperature for wine, but, that said, there is a right one. This sleek cuff fits snuggly around a bottle and within minutes reads the temperature of its contents. 

Where you can get it: Top3


Wine Chiller


Designed by: Michel Dallaire for Ravi

Why we love it: Catastrophe: it’s an absolute broiler of a day and you’ve run out of chilled white. Enter the Ravi Wine Chiller – keep it in the freezer for just this sort of emergency and it will chill wine to the desired temperature. No dripping ice buckets, no forgotten bottles exploding in the freezer; just wine, cool as it was meant to be. 

Where you can get it: Selected distributors


Preservative Neutraliser


Designed by: S02GO

Why we love it: Preservatives in wine are a fact of life, but so too are allergies and apocalyptic hangovers. This clever product safely removes free Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) levels in wine or champagne and reduces preservatives 220 & 224 without altering flavour. Simply add a sachet to a bottle before serving and enjoy the wine without the chemicals.

Where you can get it: Wine merchants




Designed by: Whoever first stored milk in a container made from an animal’s stomach.

Why we love it: As if we needed to spell this out, but here at habitusliving we are of the opinion that cheese is better than most other things. In fact, one of the only things better than cheese is cheese just before, just after, or even during the act of drinking wine. Particular favourites are piquant pecorino, gooey, stinky roquefort and anything involving truffles.

Where you can get it: We sincerely hope somewhere nearby.