Habitus Loves… Wool rugs

WIth a number of environmental, health and comfort advantages over it’s synthetic competitors, wool remains the superior choice in many applications. It also feels phenomenal under your toes.



Designed by: Armadillo

Why we love it: Certified Fair Trade and handwoven by artisans in India, this rug’s simple geometric design balances detail and simplicity, adding texture and rich elegance to a space.

Where you can get it: Selected stockists


Afghan rugs


Designed by: Afghan weavers

Why we love it: The product of centuries of tradition and masterful workmanship, Persian/Afghan rugs embody the sublimely exotic aesthetic of Central Asia.  

Where you can get it: Cadrys showrooms




Designed by: SvenskaKJ

Why we love it: Modern and playful, this rug seems to imply that a good time should be had on it. 

Where you can get it: SvenskaKJ




Designed by: Cavalier Bremworth

Why we love it: Named for the curly ends of the heavy-weight cut pile wool from which it is made, this rug’s kinky hand-twist structure results in exceptionally thick, round tufts – lusciously tactile.  

Where you can get it: Selected retailers


Visions of Flowers


Designed by: Desso

Why we love it: Combining detailed floral swirls with a selective palette of dark green, turquoise and aquamarine, this carpet creates a soft, subdued mood ideal for private living areas.


Where you can get it: Gibbon Group


Stuffed Olive


Designed by: Julie Patterson

Why we love it: Bold, simple and well composed, this rug offers life and colour to it’s environment. Besides, who doesn’t like to be reminded of antipasto (or martinis)?

Where you can get it: Designer Rugs




Designed by: Velieris

Why we love it:  A union of 100% natural, chemical free, undyed wool and Alpaca fibres, this carpet revels in the blend’s luxurious softness  without compromising durability. 

Where you can get it: Velieris


Japanese Bouquet – Volcano


Designed by: Tsar Carpets

Why we love it: The passionate ruby and raspberry hues of this rug couple well with the more reserved nature of it’s oriental-inspired pattern, making it boldly vivid without being garish. 

Where you can get it: Tsar Carpets