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Habitus loves…Thailand International Furniture Fair

Habitus loves…Thailand International Furniture Fair

The Thailand International Furniture Fair is an important platform for local designers to celebrate their talent internationally. This year’s theme was “Inspire Inside Out” and these are our favourites.


Created by: Krit Phutpim

Why we love it: The vintage styling plywood veneered bike and bike hanger is where art meets function. A handcrafted one-by-one approach makes this a prized trophy to display in your living room, and best of all this fully functioning bike comes with either the British-made Stumey Archer 2-speed kick shift hubs, or a single-speed hub. Please do not touch the display, ride on it.

Where you can get it: Dots Design Studio

Cutting Edge Chair

Created by: Jakkapun Charinrattana

Why we love it:  From the display in [D³] Design Talents IMM Cologne and back to Bangkok, the durable marriage of steel rod and teak wood make this chair fit for both indoor and outdoor environments. Celebrating the beauty of the teak, the joint between the two materials is designed to expose the unique natural grain of each individual piece of timber.

Where you can get it: Millimatter

Wood & Steel Drawers

Created by: Karniving

Why we love it: This high quality ash wood and steel chest of drawers can be combined to any size and turned at any angle, providing endless customization and flexibility. The coziness of the wood and the matt-black finish on the steel can easily blend into any space, and yet is still able to project the playfulness of its character.

Where you can get it: Karniving


Created by: Atelier 2+

Why we love it:  We love design, and we also love to play. This ash timber and cotton canvas adult-size playhouse defines the intimate space of the fading childhood. Rather than a specific function, the design is for a space where imagination can be filled at all ages. Camp was given this year’s Design Plant Award for Best of the Show. 

Where you can get it: Artelier 2+

Matt Seat

Created by: Anupol Yooyuen

Why we love it: Inspired by the traditional Thai custom of sitting on a floor mat, the metal frame upholstery with fabric is a modernised multi-function seat that can slide off for a floor seating option, perfect for a lazy day to put the feet up. 

Where you can get it: Mobella

Alulace Long Side Table

Created by: Alucle

Why we love it: Available either as a coffee table or a bench, this recycled aluminium scrap has been reborn with a modern clean-line geometric form, together with the inspired Moroccan wood lattice screen pattern of Moucharaby carved onto its silvery flesh. This lacquer-finished industrial-art piece displays how vernacular culture can be integrated into a high-tech material. 

Where you can get it: Alucle

Champak Hanging Lamp

Created by: About Home 

Why we love it:  The light is an abstraction from Champak Blossom, a native tree typical of the region, with its scent much celebrated in poetry. Due to its Oak wood lampshade, and its simplified form, this pendant lamp in a set of 4 is an easy-going piece best used to project warm task lighting onto the table. 

Where you can get it: About Home  

Chiwa Glows

Designed by: Pongrapee Homklinkaew

Why we love it: This organic cocoon is more than just an outdoor seating and ambient lighting solution, it is a sculpture of the day and night landscape. The seamless mould and composition of durable materials made from a combination of bio-polyester, fiberglass, and fabric fiber makes this an easy piece for maintenance.     

Where you can get it: Element 26