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Colour collaboration: Haymes reveals its 2024 Colour Library with Nexu...

Colour collaboration: Haymes reveals its 2024 Colour Library with Nexus Designs and TikTok stars Josh & Matt

Colour collaboration: Haymes reveals its 2024 Colour Library with Nexus Designs and TikTok stars Josh & Matt

Haymes Paint unveils its Colour Library Vol. 17 in a strategic collaboration with Nexus Designs and design duo Josh & Matt. The library sets the forthcoming colour trends for 2024.

Haymes Paint has officially released its Colour Library Vol. 17, known as Origins. Created in collaboration with Nexus Designs, home décor specialists Adairs and the design pair Josh & Matt, the new library highlights the aesthetic influences set to shape both residential and commercial spaces in 2024.

The Origins collection comprises six distinct colour palettes: New Narratives, Heritage Hues, New Terrain, Retro Mash Up, Solid Ground and Strong Haven. Each palette is designed to be adaptable and versatile, meeting various design needs. According to Haymes Paint, colours that instil a sense of “security, comfort and belonging” will dominate the market in 2024.

Haymes Paint’s interior design specialist and spokesperson, Erin Hearns, says, “At Haymes Paint, we understand the world around us constantly evolves, and there’s a growing need for sanctuary in every space we occupy. The Origins collection aims to provide that refuge, grounding us with a return to timeless essentials while infusing contemporary trends.”

Beyond merely offering new colour options, the Origins collection also serves as an analytical tool for creating modern colour palettes.

In the development of Origins, Haymes Paint collaborated with partners whose expertise aligns with the library’s multi-faceted approach. Nexus Designs brings its proficiency in the analysis of global trends, while Adairs contributes its century-long expertise in home décor. The inclusion of Josh & Matt adds a contemporary touch, given their significant following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where they are known for their unique blend of postmodern and retrofuturism elements.

Explore the colour palettes below:

New Narratives

Soft pastels and muted tones amped up with small moments of colour. Designed with the future in mind, New Narratives pulls from the past by encouraging elements within a room to be painted with varied but complementing colours.

Heritage Hues 

Rich and moody, bringing an evocative sense of depth – the tonal palette of Heritage Hues is curated by Nexus Designs. Often overlooked, dark colours possess the transformative power to reshape space and mood, creating an intimate and sophisticated room. Embracing a tonal palette allows for the creation of what Haymes Paint calls a ‘colour hug’. By defining the space with colour, it becomes an encompassing cove of comfort.

New Terrain

A beautiful range of neutrals and natural colourways that speak to Australia’s earthy tones. “New Terrain is all about whisking you away to those sunny memories of summer holidays no matter where you are. Embrace a slower pace through the use of comforting neutrals, sun-drenched whites and earthy terracotta hues,” says Haymes Paint’s Erin Hearns.

Retro Mash Up

Unabashedly the boldest, primary colours meet with a 70s overtone. A dynamic palette that unites vintage charm with modern flair. Designed for those who embrace fearless style, the Retro Mash Up palette has a wide application range due to its combination of bold colours juxtaposed by versatile neutrals. “

“Retro Mash Up allows for a lot of unique colour combinations. You can go more tonal or have fun with high contrast. We wanted the palette to be about experimenting and creating more joy in your home!” share Josh and Matt.

Solid Ground

Anchored in robust, grounding colours, Solid Ground embraces the spirit and resilience of the global wanderer as exploration and voyaging are reintroduced into the fabric of our existence.

Strong Haven

Strong Haven is a confident colour palette that fuses the structure of Brutalist architecture with the organic serenity of a natural palette. The line between softening harsh angles without taking away their impact is achieved through Strong Haven’s textured finish, inspired by the unique qualities of rammed earth and natural wood grain. The rich ochre undertones can be warmed through the rich colour of accompanying furniture in a gloss finish.

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